• [Exchange/Return/Refund] date I cannot receive a partial refund of my purchase! (paid with a foreign issued card) open
    Answer :


    You cannot receive a partial refund if you made payment with a foreign issued card.
    Therefore, even if you make a purchase for domestic delivery but made payment with a foreign issued card, you cannot receive a partial refund.

    Please keep that in mind before you make a purchase.


  • [Global Shipping] date How do I pay for my purchases when using the global shipping service? open
    Answer :


    Your payment options are as follows:

    PC - Paypal, Credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, JCB, China UnionPay)
    Mobile - Paypal, Credit card (MasterCard, Visa, JCB)

    Making purchases through PC requires Internet Explorer 10 or higher. 


  • [Order/Payment] date I want to view my orders. open
    Answer :


    If made your purchases while logged into your Kakao account, do the following: 
    Select My Menu at the top of the website start page 
    Log in to your Kakao account 
    View My Orders.


    If you made your purchases without registering for an account, do the following: 
    Select My Menu at the top of the website start page, then select View Guest Orders
    Input your order number, name and email address 
    View your order


    Information on your purchases will be sent to the email address you initially entered when making your purchases. 
    You can find your order number in the confirmation email that was sent to your email address after making your purchase.


  • [Global Shipping] date How much is global shipping? open
    Answer :


    The global shipping costs are calculated by weight, including the weight of the shipping box as well as the product. If the products ordered do not fit into a single box because of their size, they will be shipped in multiple boxes. The shipping fee is calculated separately for each package, including the weight of the box.


    For information on shipping fees by country, please refer to the global shipping information page at the following link. 


  • [Exchange/Return/Refund] date I want to cancel/return/exchange my purchase. open
    Answer :


    You can cancel your global shipping purchases at the “order received” stage. You can do this by going to My Page > My Orders.

    In general we do not provide any exchange or return services for purchases made with the global shipping service. Please think carefully before placing your order, as we cannot accommodate exchanges or returns due to a change of mind.

    To request an exchange because of a flaw in the product, please use the 1:1 Q&A service or email global@kakaofriends.com.


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